Resin Veneers
a cosmetic treatment
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Resin bonding therefore is indicated for:
Resin bonding therefore is indicated for:
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Bonding and specifically resin (plastic) bonding refers to the masking of teeth with a filled resin coating to change color and/or shape attributes of teeth. This broadens the ability to treat cosmetic anomalies and allows for a more predictable outcome.
Tooth color shifts are of internal origin

Tooth staining that is darker and not amenable to bleaching

Reshaping teeth required to close open spaces between teeth

Reshaping teeth required to correct disproportionately short, worn or chipped teeth

Correcting teeth that are slightly askew to make them appear straight.

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People considering cosmetic resin bonding should not be fingernail biters, pencil biters, chicken bone knawers, or tooth grinders and should have teeth in good condition with few if any fillings. Root canaled teeth do not qualify for any type of veneer work but should be properly reinforced and then crowned (see crowns). Also resin bonding can stain or break and wear with time and will have to be replaced in the future. The time period to replace cosmetic bonding varies but 2 - 5 years is a reasonable lifetime.
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As bonding can be reversible or irreversible depending on whether the teeth have to be prepared or not, attention must be paid to the conditions at hand.