Children's dental care
for their health and well being
Edward R Mattie DDS PC
Michael E Mattie DDS
219 Maple Ave.
North Haven, CT
(203) 239-9427
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Your child's teeth and their responsibility to them
Proper dental health and hygiene habits are crucial for a lifetime of painfree, troublefree service. With proper guidance and supervision, children can benefit from current dental technologies and be encouraged by prevention which is the cornerstone of dentistry today.
Prevention means the ability of our office to:
rectify potential problems while they are still at a managable stage.

review current at home techniques for dental hygiene with the child/parents

begin allowing the child to form a favorable friendship with us and our staff.
Current dental technology
Current dental technology has made maintenance of dental health much easier with the advent of dentist applied high potency fluoride. Tooth sealants help prevent tooth decay from occuring by sealing deep grooves and fissures on the biting surfaces of teeth.
Intervention by orthodontics has made straightened smiles a reality. When the child comes to the office we will be looking for proper tooth eruption patterns for their age group and proper alignment of the teeth. Orthodontic problems can be solved with minimal effort if early detection is made. A good time to begin dental visits is at age 3 or earlier if the child is amenable to dental visits.