Halitosis clinic
for bad breath disorders
Edward R Mattie DDS PC
Michael E Mattie DDS
219 Maple Ave.
North Haven, CT
(203) 239-9427
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Other influences

Social habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can upset the oral microecology and induce breath problems.
Testing for bad breath

Testing for breath odor disorders involves various measuring devices for the detection of volatile sulfur compounds in the breath to see if their levels are above normal limits.
Treatment of bad breath

Treatment for breath odor disorders then hinges on managing all the above possible conditions given the results of

1.Various odor tests
2.Radiographic examination
3.Clinical examination
4.Remarkable medical/dental histories
1.Gastrointestinal disorders
2.Interactions of suspect medications
3.Xerostomia(dry mouth)
5.Mouth breathing
6.Metabolic disease
7.Suspected dietary influences on breath
8.Systemic diseases
9.Lack of proper oral hygiene
10.Other prevailing conditions

Our Halitosis clinic helps to identify and treat existing breath odor problems. Since its inception into our practice in 1996, we have corrected several conditions in patients causing breath odors. These include but are not limited to: