Dental Implants
for anchoring prosthetics
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Dental implants simply represent a method of helping to replace teeth in areas where none existed before whether the teeth in these areas never developed, were recently lost or were lost quite a long time ago. Their objective is to give anchorage to either crowns and/or bridgework or denturework by attaching to underlying bone.
Patient evaluation
Type and amount of jaw bone present 
Systemic indices and pertanent medical history 
Anatomic position / angulation for implants 
Esthetic expectations of the patien
As treatment with implant varies widely and requires a long span of time to allow for proper healing, each person considering implants has to be evaluated to assess several clinical and radiographic variables to include :
Implants do offer the possibility of replacing single or multiple teeth. Their longevity and success depend on the body's acceptance of them and an outstanding dedication to one's oral hygiene. Periodic evaluation and checkups are of the utmost importance in helping to maintain health.