Initial visit preparation
a materials guide for the new patient
Edward R Mattie DDS PC
Michael E Mattie DDS
219 Maple Ave.
North Haven, CT
(203) 239-9427
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It is vital for you to bring the following items at the initial visit:
1) Current dental insurance wallet card or claim form (available from the personnel dept. at your employer)

2) Current full mouth series of radiographs (if available) from your previous dentist. If none were taken recently, a new set will be taken.

3) A current list of  
                            a) Medical diagnoses 
                            b) Prescription medications
                            c) Drug allergies
Directions and timing of the first visit
Please see the street map linkto my office for directions. Please give yourself enough time to find our office and fill out your paperwork. Our street sign is in the front of the parking lot. Both driveway entrances have a big molar tooth sign next to them just like the graphic to the right --->
Form documentation
There will be some documents for you to sign and forms to fill out; the 3 items listed above will facilitate your efforts in doing this.
It is vital for you to bring the following items at the initial visit:
Appointment proper
After this, we will greet you, review your medical and dental history and assess any immediate dental needs you may have. If there are no overriding problems, an exam will be conducted to include:
1)  A TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) assessment
2)  A periodontal (gum) assessment
3)  A tooth decay assessment
You will receive a dental cleaning and tooth scaling. Radiographs will be taken (if no current ones exist) and your oral hygiene habits will be reviewed. Once all data has been compiled and addressed, both you and Dr Mattie will review your professional treatment plan. This is nothing more than a plan of steps to be taken to restore the mouth to optimum form and function and to provide you with cosmetic dentistry options you desire to have (see cosmetics in the blue text at the top of this page).