Hidden clasp denture
for prosthetic tooth replacement
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While it is essential to replace missing teeth to prevent overloading the remaining teeth in the mouth and their subsequent movement, recent designs for partial dentures have become more practical for the appearance conscious person. Most times depending on what teeth are left remaining, a hidden clasp design is possible. This allows for the placement of a partial denture while at the same time eliminating the unsightly metal clasping or "hooks" where they would otherwise be visible.
Patients are not afraid to wear their partial dentures if they know that no one else can see them.
Partial dentures have come to be considered by people at large as "those things with false teeth on them that hook onto the remaining teeth in the mouth."
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To fabricate such a denture, some planning has to be performed. This may entail fixing the remaining teeth and evaluating the toothless areas for the placement of such a denture. Often if the teeth are in good shape and conditions are right, no special preparation of the remaining teeth is needed. However, the best way to judge if you are a candidate for such a denture would be to see the dentist in person for an exam and evaluation.