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Edward R Mattie DDS PC
Michael E Mattie DDS
219 Maple Ave.
North Haven, CT
(203) 239-9427
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any X-rays that you hav
Loose teeth
Lost filling / broken teeth
You must have lost fillings and / or broken teeth repaired just as soon as possible lest decay cause more problems. Please call us for an appointment at once.
We offer a full line of prosthetics to replace teeth either by implants, or fixed bridgework or various denture configurations.
Teething pain
Your child or infant may experience teething pain due to the eruption of teeth and associated pain around those areas of the gums. Children's Tylenol or other non-asprin pain reliever will help with this.
What do I do about...? A patient reference guide
As conditions for loose teeth have various etiological origins, please consult with us first. We can provide you with solutions for keeping teeth or suggest alternatives.
Replacing a missing tooth or teeth