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Most times the porcelain is made opaque, so that porcelain veneers can best change tooth color and mask dark stains not amenable to bleaching such as tetracycline stained teeth.
Porcelain laminate veneers have the same indications as the resin bonding veneers with these added advantages:
Similar to resin bonding veneers, conditions must be carefully evaluated before these veneers can be fabricated.
Porcelain is a harder material, which can better mimic natural tooth structure

  Better longevity - 7 years or more (if care is taken to watch one's oral habits)

  Better appearance and finish

  Better resistance to stain  Improved durability and resistance to wear
As preparation of the teeth is required for porcelain veneers, they represent an irreversible process which can not be reversed. People considering porcelain veneers should not be fingernail biters, pencil biters, chicken bone knawers, or tooth grinders and should have teeth in good condition with few if any fillings. Root canaled teeth do not qualify for any type of veneer work but should be properly reinforced and then crowned. (see crowns) Porcelain veneers may fracture or physically break if extreme force is applied to them. However, their longevity is probably longer than 7 years if the person is careful on what he or she bites on.
Considered by most a popular treatment and a definitive solution but not a "cureall" for cosmetic conditions are the porcelain laminate veneers. Porcelain laminate veneers are similar to the resin bonding veneers however the porcelain veneers are made outside the mouth from an impression taken of the teeth. Once made they are tried on the teeth they are intended to cover and if they are approved by the dentist and the patient they are luted onto those teeth.